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It is a unique localization and security system to protect your property. It is designed for localization, online tracking and surveillance of vehicles, motorcycles, four wheelers and scooters, boats, working machines, trailers, caravans, transported goods and other chattels.

Quality localization equipment

with a 24 months guarantee

Non stop online

access from anywhere through transparent user interface

Mobile applications

for phones with Android and iOS

Unbeatable price

includes a locating device, SIM card and prepaid data transfer for 12 months

Quick installation of the equipment,

easy setup features, intuitive system control

Reliable localization

by satellite positioning systems GPS, GLONASS and GSM network


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GPS localization system


Always keep your vehicle monitored.

Unique online localization and security system

By ordering a localization device you will get a device with SIM card with prepaid data flat rate for 12 months to transmit data for the locator in the area of European Union countries. After the expiry of one year it is easily possible to prolong the service for another period on very favourable terms. Each device has assigned a users account where the user is able to manage all is localization devices through its comfortable user interface. The access to this account is secured by username and password.


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